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Labour and Employment Law

Labor law related lawsuits are often unsuccessful because deadlines or formal requirements are not adhered to. It is therefore highly recommended to consult an attorney specializing in this field as early as possible.

Within the framework of an employment-based relationship, complicated legal questions can arise as easily for the employer as for the employed:

Prior to entering into an employment contract, it is important for the employer to consider the following:

  • The advertised position and selection process
  • The specifics of the work arrangement(s)
  • Details regarding the employment contract
  • Handling confrontations due to poor employee performance
For the employee the following is crucial:
  • Personal presentation with application materials and in the personal interview
  • The 'right to lie' during the interview process
  • Details regarding format and content of the employment contract

Following the start of the employment contract, the majority of issues concern the following:

  • The appropriate compensation
  • Later changes to employment conditions
  • Disciplining employees
  • Having to cooperate with workers' representatives

Upon termination of employment, specific questions arise for the employer:

  • If a specific employee can indeed be terminated
  • What is to be considered both formally and circumstantially as regards the termination
Upon termination of employment, the employee should consider the following:
  • How and when termination of employement is valid
  • How to protect oneself against termination

Our specialist attorney in Labor Law (Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht) is Michael Loewer.

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