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The increase in student applications for admissions to educational institutions stands vis-à-vis a university and vocational school system squeezed for funds and personnel. In many departments, the number of applicants greatly exceeds available capacity. For those denied admission the question can be raised if he or she can sue for entry to the school.

Such litigation can be successful on the grounds that schools of higher education are required to completely fill their admissions capacities. Due to the complexity of calculating the exact capacities, errors are often made and closer examination of the school's exact capacity levels as a result could lead to admission.

It is also possible that during studies legal issues with the educational institute arise. Failed exams or incomplete ‚counseling requirements' may make it necessary to seek legal advice.

Legal action in the case of exam results is particularly complex because an intensive debate regarding of the exam's subject matter is necessary. This is made even more complicated by the fact that room for judgment that is part of the evaluation process.

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