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Administration Law

We represent your interests against the state in several areas:

  • A foreign citizen is denied residency or visa (Immigration Law)
  • A student applicant is denied admission or the student is exmatriculated (Education Law).
  • A civil servant in issues with his or her supervisors
  • A driver's license is revoked
  • A building owner is denied building permit or blocks a demolition court order
  • A business license is revoked
  • A claim for damages against the state is to be made

The process and type of legal activities in a suit against the state are different in legal representation compared to civil suits between citizens. We advise and represent you in appeals and defense processes against the authorities or in a legal suit in the State Courts.

The successful development of an appeal process requires a solid understanding of the state procedures and legislative rights and should be handled by a specialized attorney. With legal advise and support in an administrative legal process, mistakes that could have serious consequences can be safely avoided.

If a deniable decision has already been issued, we can review the decision and the possible outcomes of legal action. Extensive abolishment by the state of the claim-denial process often requires that a suit be brought before the court immediately. As a legal decision can take years, it is important to ask first about the possibility and necessity of the so-called ‚interim legal protection'.

EAn initial orientation into further legislation steps is given by the legal action aide found at the end of the Ruling Brief. This portion of the brief includes information regarding deadlines that absolutely must be adhered to. The deadline timeframe begins usually with the delivery of the Ruling. In order to accurately calculate the deadlines, bring the Ruling and its envelope to your appointment with us.

Our expert in this field is specialist lawyer in Administrtion Law (Fachanwalt für Verwaltungsrecht) Sven Hasse.

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